Friday, July 29, 2005


Tori's days are pretty routine to this point. Wake up, bath, bottle, sleep, cat naps, eat, sleep, awake and fight sleeping for the night. She has gotten better at sleeping in her crib and got up once in the middle of the night last night and about 5:30 this morning for a bottle. We got a little more sleep because of it. Generally she is pretty good.

She doesn't like much of anything at this point. No swing or bouncy seat for more than a few seconds. Then there is the napkin holder. For some reason she loves staring at it in the morning. We lay her on the counter and she's calm and quite, just staring at the napkin holder. Don't know what that is about, but I'm not ruining a good thing. She even fell asleep next to it. Maybe that means she'll be a clean kid or something.

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