Thursday, July 21, 2005


Today we took Tori to the Pediatric Cardiologist to have her heart murmur checked. They did all the regular stuff an EKG and Echo-cardiogram. Basically the doctor said she has 2 pinhole size holes in her heart. 99% of the time they close up on their own within the first year. If they don't close, she can live a normal life with them. The only problem would be if they got bigger as the heart grew. At 1 month they've haven't grown. We have to go back in 5 months to have it checked out again.

Ollie's murmur went away within a day. I'm sure hers will be gone within a year. He can only hear it with his stethoscope when she is silent. That is how small it is. Not an easy task to keep an infant quiet so they can hear a murmur.

She is a lot bigger than when she was born. Almost 23 inches and 10 lbs. She can pack away the milk! Here's a comparison for you.

She's going to give her brother a run for his money in size. She'll win in the chubby cheek category.

Next up is her transition to her crib. She's almost out grown the bassinet at 1 month. She's getting big for her britches.

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