Friday, October 22, 2010

And the Winners Are...

Clone trooper for Ollie, Dorothy from Oz for Tori and Puppy Dog for Eli. These are the costumes they have picked out for Halloween/. They are having a 45-minute fall party on 10/29 and coming to my work at 2:30 to do a little trick-or-treating. I am helping out at the school party, or Huts is--the sitter has something to do so Eli is with me for the day and Huts is coming home early. Should be lots of fun and loads of candy for the kids.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Playground Cryer

Tori has enjoyed everything about school. Her teacher, classmates, hot and cold lunches and Before/After Care. The only thing she doesn't seem to like so far is the amount of time she gets to spend at After Care. She doesn't get enough time to swing before we get there, so we always end up with a crying girl when we pick her up from after care. She's so upset because SHE WANTED TO SWING! We tell her everyday that if she wants to swing that she needs to do that first when they go outside. These words are not heeded as we always end up with a crying Tori. Even when she does get to swing, she wants to swing more! There is never enough time for swinging.

Usually she stops crying once we get out of the parking lot. Tori has been going outside and using our swings to get her after school fix. Luckily she's big enough that she can play outside by herself. Before kindergarten started, she also taught herself how to swing, so we don't have to be involved. However, she still requests that we push her on the swing sometimes. I guess she still wants her parents to help her swing.