Saturday, February 09, 2013

Sleep Over

Tori loves sleep over's.  A few weeks ago, she was invited to 2 sleep over's in 1 weekend.  Unfortunately, she was too tired after the first sleepover to go to the 2nd.  We rescheduled the 2nd and now Tori is returning the kindness having Shaylee stay the night on Friday night.  

Tori is already making plans on what they will be playing, but she's constantly changing her mind.  The girls love playing together and they love playing with the cats together.  Squeaker and Jr. better hide away.  

Hopefully the girls will sleep in.  We plan on taking them to Jillian's to play games and lunch on Saturday before we take Shaylee home.  Tori will need the time to recuperate and need the extra sleep.