Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Water Bug

Tori loved the water park and woke up early on Sunday morning demanding to go down there. We went home instead, much to her dismay. She played on everything, with and without her brother, and only threw fits when she missed the big bucket splashing down. She couldn't seem to understand that the bell was a reminder that the bucket was about to be tipped over. She came back to the room waterlogged and tired. We went to meet Chip and hear a story and she scarfed down the cookie. Guess she was hungry from all of that activity.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tori The Do-er

Tori-the-Doer was back in action this weekend. After dinner at the hotel on Friday, we went to the water park and Tori went immediately to the water slides. Down she went as fast as she could. She played in the kiddie pool for awhile and then went to the bigger slides by the dumping bucket. She hopped down the slides without her brother's hesitation. Back up again for another run. Once she heard the bell ring for the bucket dump, she'd run over to get water dumped all over her. She'd try various ways standing, sitting, kneeling, laying when the bucket fell. Once she was soaked from the bucket she'd come running over to us with the biggest smile. It only got to be a problem when she would miss the bucket dump and she would throw a fit. She also loved putting her face in the water and trying to swim under water. The girl is a fish and her water soaked smile coming up from swimming would completely show you her love of water.

Skiing for her was just as fun. She was eager to try, even though her boots had too much snow to get her ski's on to begin with. She was slow walking in the boots, which helped get them caked in snow. I scraped the snow off and eventually got the ski's on. Tori happily went in line and up the magic carpet. She fell over a few times. On one occasion, she got off the carpet and was helped to catch up with the group by being pushed. However, the person let go and Tori took off down the hill with no one holding on! Luckily the other instructor stopped her before she fell or ran into something or someone. All the activity tuckered her out and she was ready to call it quits. We went back to the water park that night for more of the same fun and she had milk and cookies with Chip too. Early Sunday morning though, the cry went out, "I Want To Go To My Poooooooooooooool!".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All Planned Out

Tori is looking forward to the ski trip so much that she plans it out a little each day. This morning, we were going skiing and swimming at the waterpark at the same time. Who knows where we will be doing tomorrow. She thought we were going away this morning, but that wasn't the case.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


That's what Tori wants to know about Grandma and Grandpa. When are they coming up? Tomorrow? This weekend? This month? Lucky for us, my mom is coming in a few weeks. Tori cannot wait. Grandma will get to see all of her toys and her room. Get ready, Grandmas. Tori is gonna drive you bonkers!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Princess Tales

Tori has taken to telling us Princess stories in the car. She is the yellow or pink princess, and the rest of us are other colors of princesses, kings, knights, and dragons. Annie is always the Purple Princess, and Christian and Eli are knights. Huts is the king, and I am either the queen or the witch. Sometimes, Eli gets to be a dragon. Dale always plays multiple roles, while Stella is usually a princess. The tales are long and wind all over. Who knows where Tori will take us today in her tale.