Thursday, November 30, 2006

Miss Fall-A-Lot

Tori busted her head open on the fireplace weeks ago and now she has a black eye from falling into Grandma's coffee table. Last night, she fell off the pool table and had a red cheek for a while. She is such a daredevil and climbs and falls repeatedly.

Like Ollie, Tori has started getting angry about being strapped in her car seat. She fights when put in it and fight to get out of it. She can be a real pill sometimes. Ollie doesn't know what to think of his sister's moans and groans. He often wants to know why she is fussing. If only he could remember what he was like at that age.

Shopping carts are another sore issue for Tori. She hates being penned in them and would rather run through the aisles touching everything. She loves to be free!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chitchatty Fish

Tori is quite the mimic. She repeats much of what she hears, so watch out if you are a potty mouth. She likes to go swimming in the tub and will turn on her stomach and arch like a fish. She will do that on the ground, too. She knows the word "bath" and will climb up the stairs and hurry to the bathroom. We have a fish in our midst.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sick Tori

Well, Tori has finally caught our cough/cold. She woke up this morning coughing, so we gave her some cold medicine. I am almost over my cold, so that means Ollie should be, too. Poor Tori. She almost made it past this thing. If only Ollie hadn't spit water at her in the tub. Yes, they like to suck down bath water and spit it at each other in spite of getting yelled at. They also like to dump water on each other and themselves and cackle about it. Tori thinks it is extremely funny to pour water on her head.

Speaking of heads, ask Tori where her head or hair is and she will point to her head and thump you on the head, too. The same goes for the nose. She won't say "nose" or "head," but she will point to them. Maybe we'll teach her where her mouth is this weekend as well as her eyes.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Picky Eater

Tori used to eat almost anything. Now she is more particular about what she eats. Last night, she was a very fussy eater who threw a fit until she finally decided to eat spaghetti-os and ravioli at the island. She refused to sit in her high chair. I spent nearly an hour coaxing her to eat and sliding food onto her nasty fork. She has to eat with a fork or spoon, unlike Ollie who would scoop up his food with his hands. It was quite the ordeal that I am hoping I do not have to repeat tonight.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Troublesome Tori

Huts and I are always joking about child #3 being our troublemaker, but lately, Tori has been fulfilling that role. She refuses to ride in a shopping cart and climbs on everything. She gets into everything possible from the refrigerator to draws to cabinets. She knows where the water is on the refrigerator and where her cups are, and brings the two together quite often, no matter how many other cups she has out. She also pushes buttons and is notorious for changing the TV channels. The other day, she reset the dishwasher and turned off the TV five times before she got into major trouble. She has also taken to climbing on the buckets barricading the stairs. Now we are going to have to stack the buckets two high. She is a live wire who keeps her and her aunt and her brother very busy!


Monday, November 06, 2006


Tori is picking up new words all of the time. Show her a book on kitties and she says, “kitty.” Put her anywhere near the kitchen and she says, “nack”. Give her an empty bowl and she says, “more.” Before long, she is going to be talking and driving us insane like her brother.

She also likes to go to the toy store and touch all of the toys. She doesn’t like dolls, though, so we struggling to find her presents for Christmas. She does like shiny books, though, and phones. She also likes Dora movies. They make her squeal in delight!

Whatever we end up buying Ollie and Tori, they will be happy. They are happy kids in general who will play with just about anything.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Tori's second Halloween was a little more eventful than last year. She was left behind at the sitter's while Ollie went to the dentist. She cried when we left. She was picked up by her Aunt Annie and brought to her Mama's for work Trick or Treating. She had her picture taken and walked most of the way. She even took some of the candy from the buckets.

After getting her chicken and dumplings on her costume (not the ladybug costume because it was too cold), she got cleaned up and was ready to go trick or treating. She went with Annie and her friends around our neighborhood. Around 7 she got headed home because she was cold, but she had a good haul in her bucket. She wasn't too interested in eating the candy, but she like playing with all of it in the bowls.

Once Ollie came home, they went to Arby's for more candy. Once home Tori was sent to bed straight away since it was past her bed time. She slept through the majority of the night, only fussing once. She was too tired from all the fun.

We don't have a picture of her in her costume yet, but we do have a scary one of her scar on her head.