Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Party

Tori and Christian had a super party last Sunday. Several of Christian's classmates came, along with Tori's friends and some of my coworkers' kids. They played for about an hour and a half before chowing down on pizza and cake and opening gifts. Everyone got really hungry after about an hour, but the pizza wasn't ready yet, so they played some more, all the time letting me know how hungry they were. We got the pizza at 2:15 and went downstairs where it was a madhouse
getting them food and cutting the cake. The two got loads of gifts and spent the read of the day playing with their loot! Now they are looking forward to the next party in June.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pig Tail Girl

Wednesday night we got our hair cut and Tori had her hair put in Pig tails. She is growing her hair long so she can have pig tails all the time. Our hair dresser puts them up for her every time we get her hair cut. This time she put them in a little too tight. After we got home Tori complained of her head hurting and hearing beeping inside her head. She didn't feel like eating and wanted to go to bed early which is rare for her. She got some Tylenol for her head ache and fell asleep pretty quickly. The next morning she was fine, no headache, no noises in her head and nothing has reoccurred since then. We aren't sure what the noise was, but she seemed really tired and with a head ache, who knows what that could've caused.

Friday, May 07, 2010

A Keeper

We're having a yard sale tomorrow, and getting Tori to give up stuff for it has been difficult at best. She wants to keep everything she has ever been given—including clothed and shoes she has outgrown. Instead of getting rid of something, we should just move and and get a house with two bedrooms for her. Easy solution! How silly of me not to have thought of that.

Too Shy To Play

Tori is in soccer and she is coached by her dad, but she still won't play. Huts puts her in and she stands there while all of the others play soccer. He takes her out and she scampers off on her own. She will participate in practices, but only to a degree. Soccer is a bust, and there are six more weeks of it! Hopefully, swim class in July will go better. Tonight is kindergarten registration. Wish us luck.