Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Shoes, Big Tears

I had to throw out Tori's old silver glittery shoes--too small for her and in bad shape, so I bought her a new pair of pink glittery shoes. She has been dying to wear them to camp, but she can't. No fancy shoes allowed, just tennis shoes. Lots of tears have been shed over the shoes, as well as her limited selection of clothing--no dresses. She can't wait to go to Sharon's and show off her new shoes and clothes. She is not going to like school uniforms!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Camper

Although a bit scared, Tori plunged into camp and had a great time. She cried a bit, but she made it through and today hopefully went better. She wasn't too thrilled about having to wear her tennis shoes, but she did get up early enough to eat pancakes. We'll see what her thoughts are this afternoon.

Update: She lost her lunch in between the time they handed it to her from the cooler to the time she sat down. Doesn't know where it went or how it got lost. Later in the night, she said she remembered the cookies she had for lunch. Which story is decide.

Clothes Horse

Tori is all girl. She loves everything girlie and changes clothes three or four times a day/ Her grandma got her a ton of clothes, old and new, and she has had a ball ever since wearing this and that. Store bought or yard sale, clothes are her thing, as are shoes. She is in heaven!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bye-Bye Soccer, Hello Grandma's!

Tori had her last soccer game yesterday, not that she played much in it. She stood around as usual until her coach (Huts) sent her to the bench because she didn't want to play anymore. She whimpered over to me, and Huts carried Eli around the field as he instructed his players what to do. We gave out party bags and cupcakes, and everyone left happy, most of all Huts who is not coaching little kids again! Now, everyone at our house is preparing for the week-long trip to see the grandmas. Tonight we're getting snacks--NOT TOYS--but snacks.