Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rough Night

100_1890Once again, Tori woke up moaning, so I put her in bed with Huts without realizing she had poopy pants. He figured it out, changed her, got her a new drink and her bear, and she went to sleep. She woke up in a better mood than she has in some time. Must be sleeping in our bed. I slept in her bed with Piper and woke up feeling OK. Guess I better take over tonight because I know Huts is gonna be tired from the crazy night.

Shrek is on tonight. Last night was Charlie Brown. Ollie and Tori watched the show a little bit. Ollie kept going upstairs to watch something else. Tori kept running around. Charlie Brown just didn't hold their attention.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All Well

Ollie still has his cold, but Tori does not, She seems to be well, and like her brother, she had a blast at home over Thanksgiving. She played with her castle tent constantly, pulling it everywhere and sitting in it to eat and watch TV out of the window. She likes the tent to be upside down and says that the picture of Princess Aurora is her. Yes, she thinks she is a princess and flounces around with her tiara or yellow crown. No dresses on this princess, but occasionally some beads. She really got a kick out of dressing up the Christmas tree, but was upset when the tinsel went on. That seemed to spoil it for her and she bawled like a baby. Oh well. Maybe she will get it next year.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Little Girl No More

Tori tries to do everything he brother does and for the most part, she keeps up. She's started expanding her horizons by playing by herself and watching shows on her own. She still likes playing with Ollie, but she isn't always interested in everything he does. She still watches Dora and Cailliou more than he does. She'll even watch it in separate rooms and she's even become protective of a few things like her arm chair rest. Ollie tries to put his head on it, but she gets mad when he does and throws a fit.

She is advancing verbally and in her wants. She wants regular cups to drink out of, but is still a messy drinker. Especially when she spits the drink out on purpose! She'll dip her hand in her food (yogurt, ice cream) and rub it on her face because she can't work the spoon well. She's trying more adult foods like Pizza without it being chopped into a million pieces. It won't be too much longer and she'll be less messy.

We are starting to potty train her. She'll sit on the potty before each bath, but she doesn't understand what to do. Its a game to her and that's fine for now, but I hope she's easier to train than her brother, who still doesn't make it every time. I guess we'll see soon enough.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

She's Got Personality

Tori is coming into her own these days. She is very playful, almost too playful, and strong-willed (no surprise there). She is gutsy and loud. She also talks a mile a minute (doesn't matter to her if you are watching TV). She has become such a hoot that Huts and I are thinking that it would be great to have another boy (yes, we are still hopeful). Tori is way more involved than Ollie ever was. I always heard that girls were harder, and now I believe it.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Soo Cute

Tori scrunched up her nose and smiled for the camera big time this weekend. She sat on Dad's lap, on the ladder and under the ladder. She was so much better this time than last. Her reward was Wish Bear (light green). She carried him around for a while but then went back to her fuzzy pink Care Bear that Aunt Annie got her. She loves that bear, and you can tell by how worn it is. She also likes the yellow blanket my aunt Rhonda made her and the stuffed horse and cat Uncle TJ got her. Guess all of those will go into her keepsake box.

After pictures, shopping, food and playtime at home, Tori took a nap and then jumped on Daddy. She climbed on the ottomans and fell into her dad's lap, while Ollie jumped from the second ottoman onto the couch. This lasted for a while, and then it was time to play bowling with the billiards balls. At some point, they also got out the ping pong stuff and hit around a few balls. Two very active children with two tired parents. Nothing unusual about that.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Tori threw a fit every time we gave out candy. She did not like the fact that "her" candy was being given away. Ooh, did she ever get mad and throw a nasty fit. Ollie kept trying to show her the candy they had collected, but she wouldn't hear of it. I thought she might want to put some candy into the kids' bags, but all she did was try to shut the front door on them! Haircuts tonight—wish us luck. Tori has to go first, or another fit will ensue.