Saturday, November 10, 2007

Little Girl No More

Tori tries to do everything he brother does and for the most part, she keeps up. She's started expanding her horizons by playing by herself and watching shows on her own. She still likes playing with Ollie, but she isn't always interested in everything he does. She still watches Dora and Cailliou more than he does. She'll even watch it in separate rooms and she's even become protective of a few things like her arm chair rest. Ollie tries to put his head on it, but she gets mad when he does and throws a fit.

She is advancing verbally and in her wants. She wants regular cups to drink out of, but is still a messy drinker. Especially when she spits the drink out on purpose! She'll dip her hand in her food (yogurt, ice cream) and rub it on her face because she can't work the spoon well. She's trying more adult foods like Pizza without it being chopped into a million pieces. It won't be too much longer and she'll be less messy.

We are starting to potty train her. She'll sit on the potty before each bath, but she doesn't understand what to do. Its a game to her and that's fine for now, but I hope she's easier to train than her brother, who still doesn't make it every time. I guess we'll see soon enough.

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