Thursday, December 20, 2012

Box Girl

With the holiday season here, we have received a lot of packages recently. The kids tear into them, and then Tori likes to collect the boxes. She colors on them, glues things to them and uses them for her dolls. Right now, she has a stack of boxes higher than her head. We've had some clashes over the boxes, mainly me needing them and her not wanting to give them up. I took one box, and that led to a big fit and timeout for Tori. With Christmas coming up and Santa watching, she has decided that she will let go of the boxes very soon in order to make way for toys.

Speaking of Santa watching, we have been reminding the kids of that often. The tactic does not work on Christian. He knows who Santa really is. It does work on Tori and Eli, very well in fact. Last night, the two were fighting upstairs when we reminded them that Santa was watching. Tori was mumbling something about refusing to play some game with Eli. Huts yelled out Santa was watching, and we heard this exasperated groan, followed by “Dang it!” We burst out laughing, and it was some time before we heard any further grumbling.