Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sparklers In Her Ears

Tori has been very busy as well, with the end of school approaching. She worked hard and made her AR goal, testing on two books in one day. She has been doing well on her spelling tests, acing some of them when I was certain she wouldn’t. She had fun on her field trip days--thanks, Annie for going. She is looking forward to third grade and being the big sister for Eli.

Tori has grown up a lot this year, and she just got her ears pierced to prove it. She was going to wait until her birthday, but we decided to just do it. She was very nervous of course, but there was no way she was leaving Claire’s until she got them done. She picked out birthstone earrings, held my hand and went for it. One ear, a minute or two, and then big tears. The other ear, and more tears. Two minutes later, the tears were gone and she was picking out earrings to wear six weeks from now. She loves her new earrings and her new jewelry box, and she, not me or Huts, has been caring for her ears. She is very careful with them and very diligent in washing them. The result? Her ears look good. Only five more weeks of diligent care. Then, we’ll see how careful she is with new earrings. Bet she loses a ton of them.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

What A Mess

Tori can make a mess of her room in no time. Last night, her dad got tired of tripping and told her it was time to clean it up. Now, we’ll see if she listens. She has selective hearing and tends to forget the things she does not want to hear.

Tori has become a good reader, and she is inching closer to her AR goal. She thought she was done, but her teacher misread the report. She has 1.9 points to go, or 4 short books or 2 long books. I read a book to her this morning. Hopefully, she will take a test on it very soon. She seems to be liking the chapter books, so maybe she will bring home another one of those. She’ll get there.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

22 Days and Counting

Tori started off this morning at school with a meltdown. She was tired physically and did not feel like she could bear another day of school. Lucky for her, she is in the home stretch. I reminded her there were just a few weeks left, and she smiled. Then, I told her to go show Ms. Lynn her latest boo-boo, a big red splotch on her forehead. She was zooming along yesterday on her scooter when she hit a bump and fell face first. Apparently, they were playing a game where they were running out of gas with zombies behind them. I felt bad for her, but at least it slowed them down.

The weekend went by fast. Tori played a lot with Eli outside and a lot with the kid next door. He is Christian’s age, but lately, they have been worlds apart. So, Tori plays with Matthew, looking at stuff on the iPads and playing games on the trampoline. Christian, it seems, has gotten too old for that. Eli also like to join them, shoving Matthew around and yelling at him like he was his brother.