Thursday, April 10, 2014

Too Itchy

Today was school pictures for Tori and Eli. Eli chose jeans, an orange shirt and Snoopy. Tori got fancy and chose her glitter red dress, black tights and red shoes. I could tell she was not thrilled and urged her to go change before we had to leave. She resisted, but of course, she started crying when she got into the car. It was too itchy. Lucky for her, we let her change. She came back downstairs with the same thing she wore for her spring pictures last year. So, minus the teeth that are finally coming in, she should look the same. Oh, except this year, she brought her newest American girl doll. That girl! I told Huts she was going to change her mind. I could just tell.

Parent Teacher Conferences

This afternoon is Eli’s and Tori’s conference. We are getting them done early this year. We got lucky and got one of the first spots with their teachers. I am hoping for good reports, minus the fact that Eli cries a little too much. Tori may too. They are such sensitive children. Huts says it comes from him. Perhaps. Christian has grown out of it, for the most part. Hopefully these two will soon.

It’s a busy week ahead. Tomorrow night is Christian’s last night of scouts forever. He has had enough, and tomorrow night is the Gold & Blue Banquet. We are bringing chicken. With any luck, Eli will behave. Wednesday night is Eli’s first soccer practice. Huts has an assistant coach this time. A parent volunteered, so I no longer have to worry about sitting on the sidelines and helping substitute kids in and out. Thursday night is Christian’s student-led conference and then grocery shopping. Friday is eye appointments and then shopping in Bloomington. It is the kids’ first day of spring break. Yahoo! They are so excited about having all of next week off.