Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Super Friends

Ollie and Tori have been watching this DVD all week long. They never seem to tire of watching the Justice League defeat the League of Doom episode after episode. Tori almost always asks for Super Friends. She likes Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as Cheetah. She also likes Batman. Before long, she'll be asking for Super Friends figurines instead of dolls.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shy Only For Awhile

Tori had great fun too this Memorial Day weekend. She enjoyed the Magic House, the zoo and most importantly the swimming. She is a fish. She kept insisting that her dad take her to the big pool and let her leap from the side into his arms. Guess she's ready for swimming lessons, which start this Saturday. On Saturday night, we went out to eat with the Ollie and Tori's great-great uncle and aunt. Tori was scared of Peg at first, but warmed up to her eventually and even kissed her good-bye. The two were most interested in watching everyone help Peg get to and from places. They caught on quickly to the life cycle, from a baby's wobbliness to the muscle deterioration, senior's wobbliness, later in life. Ollie also had a zillion questions about Art for his dad. Had we stayed longer, I think they would have talked Art and Peg's ears off.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

St. Louie and Grandma Bickie

Tori knows we are going to St. Louis this weekend, and boy, is she ever happy. She likes to go, go, go, only she thinks we are going to see Grandpa and Grandma Bickie. We keep telling her that it is Grandma Marie. She has been bugging me for weeks to go to Grandma Bickie's. It's been so long since she has seen Grandma Bickie, I don't even think Tori knows what she looks like. Doesn't seem to matter. If you're out there reading this, Grandma Bickie, you better come up for Eli, or I will have to send Tori to you. Of course, even that might not satisfy Tori, since she continues to tell me all about your house and the many beds in it. Tori must know somehow that she's your namesake.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Sneak

Tori started out last night in the bed in Eli's room. By the time Huts went upstairs to go to bed, she had snuck into his bed. We didn't even hear her. When I went into the closet to get dressed this morning, she was sleeping with her bottom hanging off the side of the bed. Silly girl!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Little Sneak

Undercover, in the darkness of night.
She opens the door and sets off alight.

Little Sneak

Down the hall, she quietly creeps.
Hoping we don't her make the the floor squeak.

Little Sneak

She finds her way into our room.
And climbs into our bed sealing my doom.

Little Sneak

When I go to bed and turn on the light,
all I can tell our sleeping girl is Good Night.

Little Sneak

Every night when we put Tori in bed, she has us close the door to her room so the cats don't wake her up. She's tall enough that she can open doors. She'll go down the hall to our room and climb into our bed before I go to bed without making a sound. Then when I get ready for bed by turning on the light, she's snuggled in our bed asleep. Its easier to let her sleep and head off into her room to sleep. Other wise you get kicked and punched throughout the night. Fortunately, she's only done this a few times and goes back to her bed without much fuss the next night. Now we just have to wait for the next time she's a little sneak.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Greatest Cheater At Tag

Tori loves to be chased. She thinks its the best thing in the world. She asks us to chase her constantly around the house. Since she likes being chased, she loves the game of tag, unfortunately for the other participants in the game, she cheats.

Once she is tagged and everyone runs away from her, she takes a couple of steps, points her magic finger at a participant and announces, "You It!". Then she laughs as she scampers away from you because, well, your IT! Just a word of warning, in case you play tag with Tori be prepared to be tagged by the long reaching finger of a cheater.

The Cheater

Thursday, May 08, 2008

What A Joy!

It's funny the amount of sympathy you receive when you are pregnant and your body doesn't take to that fact lightly. All sorts of people ask you how you feel and emphasize with you. Some days, you don't mind it. Other days, especially after you have read about the truly ill, you just want to tell them to bug off. Unlike those suffering from a chronic or terminal illness, you will recover and at the end of the tunnel will be this lovely child who doesn't care what you look like or how smart you are. All they will care is that you love them and take care of them, and they in turn will do the same for you. Imagine coming home after a crappy day at work to a smiling face like Tori's. What a joy!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Birthday Present

Tori got an early birthday present, a Mickey Mouse table and chairs. She loves to eat outside on the deck and we didn't have a table for her, so we found her one on sale. She loves it, and so does Ollie. We should have gotten another chair I guess for Eli. Silly parents, as Ollie would say.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Tori refuses to sleep in her Dora bed and go potty. She is totally disinterested in the two. She prefers the Ewi room and bed and telling us when she needs a clean pull-up. She better get ready for potty training because it is going to happen when I am on maternity leave whether she wants to or not.