Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crazy Girl

Something got into Tori yesterday and she was wild according to Huts. She seemed a bit crazy when I saw her later that night and spend much of the night running around the living room chasing Eli and making him scream. She got into trouble a few times, and the waterworks started. Huts even made her sit on the couch once until she could get herself under control. Poor girl. She wore herself out and didn't want to get up this morning.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Attached At The Hip

Tori doesn’t get much girl time, so when Destiny came, she was delighted. She stuck to Destiny like glue, following her everywhere and smiling all the time. She even went over to Aunt Annie’s with them. (Frank’s dad was there for Thanksgiving.) All of this fun made for one tired Tori, and she got real weepy on Friday night when she realized they were all leaving the next morning. Come Saturday morning, she was well rested and managed to keep it together when they left. She helped me put things away and do some laundry, all the while waiting patiently for a ride in the new car! She loves the Traverse, especially her seat in the third row, which she has been begging for since she realized some cars have third rows.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bed Wetter

Tori has started to wet the bed at various times. We’re not sure what’s going on with her. What seems to alleviate the problem is giving her one last drink of water at 7 and me getting her at night when I go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I was so tired the other night I did not get her up and we had a wet bed to deal with. Maybe after a few more weeks of this, she will automatically get up on her own.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hunt and Seek

We're delivering the last of the fundraiser candy tonight to a friend. She doesn't have any kids of her own and likes to spoil mine rotten with little gifts hidden all around her home. The kids love walking around her new home and finding all of the hidden treasures. We're bringing pizza tonight for dinner and then let the hunting begin!

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Tori's report was equally good. She needs to work on letter recognition, but her teachers said she tries so hard they know she's going to get it. The meeting started with a discussion of Tori's hair, which her teachers assured me they knew she was doing herself. One day I guess she returned from science with a ponytail right in front—picture Tori as a unicorn. Her teachers had to muffle their laughter and managed to get her hair in place. They love her and think she is wonderful, just like the folks do in latchkey.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

9 out of 26

That’s how many letters Tori recognizes from the alphabet. Not exactly great. We’ve been working with her, but I don’t know that we’re making a lot of headway. It all takes time I guess. I think she gets distracted rather easily and loses focus, so we’re working on that too.

No luck with Girl Scouts. Huts says he sees posters in the lunchroom on it, but the women never got back to me about it, so…I think we’re looking into putting her into a tumbling class. That will keep her fairly busy and more importantly allow her to release some of that pent-up energy.

One Too Many Fits

For whatever the reason, Tori was a real pill this weekend. Maybe it was because she was tires. Maybe it was because we have left her go one too many times. Anyway. she threw one whopping of a fit on Sunday afternoon when we told her it was time to leave the playground. She stomped, kicked, screamed, cried, etc.., until I pulled her out of the playground and smacked her hard on the butt. Then she settled down and whimpered to the car. She stewed for 15 minutes and then clung to me the rest of the day. She knew she had crossed the line. This morning, we warned her no fits this afternoon when we picked her up. We'll see if she listened.

Friday, October 22, 2010

And the Winners Are...

Clone trooper for Ollie, Dorothy from Oz for Tori and Puppy Dog for Eli. These are the costumes they have picked out for Halloween/. They are having a 45-minute fall party on 10/29 and coming to my work at 2:30 to do a little trick-or-treating. I am helping out at the school party, or Huts is--the sitter has something to do so Eli is with me for the day and Huts is coming home early. Should be lots of fun and loads of candy for the kids.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Playground Cryer

Tori has enjoyed everything about school. Her teacher, classmates, hot and cold lunches and Before/After Care. The only thing she doesn't seem to like so far is the amount of time she gets to spend at After Care. She doesn't get enough time to swing before we get there, so we always end up with a crying girl when we pick her up from after care. She's so upset because SHE WANTED TO SWING! We tell her everyday that if she wants to swing that she needs to do that first when they go outside. These words are not heeded as we always end up with a crying Tori. Even when she does get to swing, she wants to swing more! There is never enough time for swinging.

Usually she stops crying once we get out of the parking lot. Tori has been going outside and using our swings to get her after school fix. Luckily she's big enough that she can play outside by herself. Before kindergarten started, she also taught herself how to swing, so we don't have to be involved. However, she still requests that we push her on the swing sometimes. I guess she still wants her parents to help her swing.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Please

We took the kids to Target on Sunday and rewarded them for being so good all weekend long with the yard sale, festival, etc/ Tori took an instant liking to this wedding Barbie ensemble, complete with Kent he groom and two bridesmaids. She just had to have it, and we relented. She disliked the wedding dress--too fluffy, so that came off and jeans and shirt went on. Then she played with the four for a long time. When I went in this morning to get her up, I found Ken in the window sill and the girls on the floor under her bed. I guess she had some fun with them before she fell asleep!

Anyway, she got a very nice toy, which meant her brother got a very nice toy, which he played with all day. The best toy, however, was the cheapest--Eli's singamabob. I caught all three playing with that doll.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Better Today

Yesterday morning was not a good one for Tori. We put her to bed at 8:30, which means she stayed up to 9 or so and that ended up costing us. Tori was a total crab and broke down at before care. I pulled her into my lap and reassured her everything would be OK. She did not want to go to school,, so last night she went to bed at 8 and woke up her sunny self. She ate some pancakes and went into school without a fuss! That girl needs her sleep! Of course, we won't be home by 8 to put her in bed tonight. Maybe Uncle Dale can manage it.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ready To Go

As previously mentioned, Tori has been excitedly waiting for school to begin. The first 2 days she got to sleep in until 8 am due to their being no before/after care. She was happy and ready to go both days. she enjoyed her first couple of days and made some new friends (even though she doesn't know their names yet, but knows they like her shoes!). We were expecting her to be the first one who would get in trouble for talking too much, but apparently it was another boy who got that privilege. It sounds like she's been a pretty good student so far.

Today she starts before/after care and the first full day of school. She got up in a better mood than most days she went to the sitter's. She wasn't quite sure what to do once she got to before care, but I bet the full day will tire her out tonight. she's been excited to wear a new uniform every day and likes picking out her clothes the night before. So far no homework, but I'm sure it'll pick up next week. Tonight she also gets her haircut and we are going to the mall to hopefully find her a few more uniform dresses.

We thought this would be a bigger transition for her and that we'd be having an unhappy child with lots of battles about school, clothes and getting up in the morning, but so far, she's been pretty good about everything. I think her brother leading the way and her outgoing personality helped ease her fears and allowed her to enjoy the beginning of school. Hopefully it continues.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Getting To Know Everyone

Tori doesn't know much about her classmates yet, but she is trying. She knows that one of them is named Jayden and one of the boys wears glasses, which hurt his nose. Some girl told her that she liked her shoes, which pleased Tori to no end. We're just waiting for her to get the names down pat and then she will be bursting with stories as she does with Kylie from the babysitters. We know all about Kylie''s likes and dislikes, daily rituals, etc. compliments of Miss Tori.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sneak Peek

Tori got to check out her classroom yesterday. She seemed thrilled to be there. She checked out her classroom and another room where she will doing some things and met her teacher. She also got early that day, so I know she's excited! Get ready, Mrs. Badorek, here she comes!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Almost Time

School registration is tomorrow night. Huts and I will fill out some paperwork and then check out the lists to see who the kids' teachers are. Tori is looking forward to it. Christian would love to skip it, I think, and end his education now. We had a big discussion this morning about shoes. Sandals are not allowed, so I bought the two new tennis shoes. Tori remembers and has been begging to wear hers ever since. Christian doesn't and tried to tell me I had bought him new sandals. Ugh! When that boy is fixed on something, he won't let go of it!

Anyway, we are getting everything labeled and put in the backpacks this weekend. Wish us luck! Tori will want to go to school right then and there! That girl just cannot wait!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Polly Obsession

Tori did such a great job of keeping Eli entertained while I mowed the lawn that she got a toy too. She started off the trip by telling me she was done with Polly Pockets, which of course she wasn't. She looked at everything and settled on Polly Pocket and friends party pack. This puts her up to 22 dolls and zillions of clothes and accessories, enough to fill her plastic jack-o-lantern bucket for Halloween. That girl. She is going to turn into a Polly Pocket.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Girls Go To Kindergarten

Tori's Kindergarten physical went well, though she wouldn't concentrate during the eye test. She is a growing girl like her brother and grew 3 inches this past year as well. She's about 3' 5" and 40 lbs. and in the 50% in height and weight. She passed all her other tests with flying colors as well. She was a bit upset at her brother for all the butterflies and magnets following him instead of her from the projector. She didn't quite understand how it worked. She was happy to be distracted by the fish tank and all the strange fish in it. She also showed off her counting, hopping ability and knowledge of her address to the doctor. She's definitely ready for school.

There were a few open houses in our neighborhood this weekend, so we went to them just to look. Tori went with us to the first house and she and her Mom went to 2 more. When they came back I went to the 2 they saw and Tori went with me. She was the tour guide in each house. She showed me where the girls room was and the boys room and pointed out where the deck and back yard were. She did a better job than the realtor at showing the house. If we ever move she'll be going to all the house showings with us I suspect. She enjoyed it so much, she may be a realtor someday.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Picture Time

The kids got their pictures taken this weekend, and amazingly, the three of them behaved the pros. There was no fuss on the bathtub or with the new clothes. Tori let me fix her hair and never said a word about it not being "right." We got there early and walked around. Then the fun began, and they smiled and did everything the photographer said, without fuss! Look for pictures in your mailboxes at the end of the month!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Shoes, Big Tears

I had to throw out Tori's old silver glittery shoes--too small for her and in bad shape, so I bought her a new pair of pink glittery shoes. She has been dying to wear them to camp, but she can't. No fancy shoes allowed, just tennis shoes. Lots of tears have been shed over the shoes, as well as her limited selection of clothing--no dresses. She can't wait to go to Sharon's and show off her new shoes and clothes. She is not going to like school uniforms!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Camper

Although a bit scared, Tori plunged into camp and had a great time. She cried a bit, but she made it through and today hopefully went better. She wasn't too thrilled about having to wear her tennis shoes, but she did get up early enough to eat pancakes. We'll see what her thoughts are this afternoon.

Update: She lost her lunch in between the time they handed it to her from the cooler to the time she sat down. Doesn't know where it went or how it got lost. Later in the night, she said she remembered the cookies she had for lunch. Which story is decide.

Clothes Horse

Tori is all girl. She loves everything girlie and changes clothes three or four times a day/ Her grandma got her a ton of clothes, old and new, and she has had a ball ever since wearing this and that. Store bought or yard sale, clothes are her thing, as are shoes. She is in heaven!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bye-Bye Soccer, Hello Grandma's!

Tori had her last soccer game yesterday, not that she played much in it. She stood around as usual until her coach (Huts) sent her to the bench because she didn't want to play anymore. She whimpered over to me, and Huts carried Eli around the field as he instructed his players what to do. We gave out party bags and cupcakes, and everyone left happy, most of all Huts who is not coaching little kids again! Now, everyone at our house is preparing for the week-long trip to see the grandmas. Tonight we're getting snacks--NOT TOYS--but snacks.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Party

Tori and Christian had a super party last Sunday. Several of Christian's classmates came, along with Tori's friends and some of my coworkers' kids. They played for about an hour and a half before chowing down on pizza and cake and opening gifts. Everyone got really hungry after about an hour, but the pizza wasn't ready yet, so they played some more, all the time letting me know how hungry they were. We got the pizza at 2:15 and went downstairs where it was a madhouse
getting them food and cutting the cake. The two got loads of gifts and spent the read of the day playing with their loot! Now they are looking forward to the next party in June.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pig Tail Girl

Wednesday night we got our hair cut and Tori had her hair put in Pig tails. She is growing her hair long so she can have pig tails all the time. Our hair dresser puts them up for her every time we get her hair cut. This time she put them in a little too tight. After we got home Tori complained of her head hurting and hearing beeping inside her head. She didn't feel like eating and wanted to go to bed early which is rare for her. She got some Tylenol for her head ache and fell asleep pretty quickly. The next morning she was fine, no headache, no noises in her head and nothing has reoccurred since then. We aren't sure what the noise was, but she seemed really tired and with a head ache, who knows what that could've caused.

Friday, May 07, 2010

A Keeper

We're having a yard sale tomorrow, and getting Tori to give up stuff for it has been difficult at best. She wants to keep everything she has ever been given—including clothed and shoes she has outgrown. Instead of getting rid of something, we should just move and and get a house with two bedrooms for her. Easy solution! How silly of me not to have thought of that.

Too Shy To Play

Tori is in soccer and she is coached by her dad, but she still won't play. Huts puts her in and she stands there while all of the others play soccer. He takes her out and she scampers off on her own. She will participate in practices, but only to a degree. Soccer is a bust, and there are six more weeks of it! Hopefully, swim class in July will go better. Tonight is kindergarten registration. Wish us luck.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Rain

It has been raining for days here in Peoria. When she was younger, Tori liked to play in the rain. This weekend she got to show her baby brother how to do it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Birthday That Won't End

Tori is our middle child, and even though she is the only girl, she sometimes feels left out. Not this year. Her birthday celebration is going to start on May 16 with a combo party with her big brother and end on June 17 with swimming and carnival fun. Her grandma Marie is also throwing her a little celebration on June 16 in Kansas City. Then we'll head to Brookfield where she will have a day of swimming and a night at the carnival in Brookfield after a trip to see her great grandmother Grace. She is one lucky little girl, and she knows it!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bumps and Bruises

In all of the play outside and going in and out, Tori and Eli got some injuries. Tori fell on the bottom step of the deck and got a black eye. She also has some bruises on her legs. Eli fell on the driveway and added some scrapes to his already banged up face from falling on the garage step. His legs look one big bruise. All of that running around and climbing is taking a toll on their little bodies, but you wouldn't know it from the smiles on their faces.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twin Obsession

Tori is obsessed with twins. She has two sets o twin dolls that talk to each other. She has Barbie doctor doll that cares for twin babies. She has two sets of twins for her dollhouse. She has three sets of twins she puts into her dollhouse. And now she wants a twin birthday party. She wants to have her birthday party with Christian's again, at the same play place as last year. I told her we would do it in May this time before school lets out and have her buddies over for a birthday play date in June. She seemed happy with that.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nother Bowl

Christian and Eli spent the morning howling. Tori, of course, had to add fuel to the fire. She got up OK, but started sniffling when I gave her oatmeal in a plastic bowl. She demanded a proper bowl. With that, she was happy and excited to go, with Brat dolls in tow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Snakes

I had a weird dream about Huts and his pet snake, which we all know he would never have because he doesn't exactly like snakes. Tori heard me discussing the dream with her brother, and before long, she had a dream about baby snakes. They were cut, but they loved to chase her up and down the stairs and into her bed. The snakes were apparently slimy and left grossness everywhere they went, including across her window. Fortunately, there was a cleaner guy to get rid of all of the mess. The snakes stayed, and the story went on and on and on…

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Tori had to get 3 shots to get ready for school. The first two didn't hurt much and she just got a really sad face, the third stung and she cried a bit because it hurt. She got to pick a sticker, so I tried to cheer her up a bit by acting like I was going to put the sticker with the picture of the dog on it over tinkerbell's face on her shirt. That got a laugh out of her and stopped the crying for a few minutes. She was still sad on the way to the car and cried a bit more when she told her Mommy about it. She got the band-aid's pulled off when she got in the shower and that hurt a bit then too. By bed time she was fine and her arms didn't hurt anymore. Now she is all set for school in the shot department.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peter Pan

Tori doesn't want to grow up! She wants to be 3 again! She doesn't want to go to school next year! She does want her birthday party and presents. She wishes she could be little all over again and doesn't realize that like everyone else, she's getting older. She wants to do swimming/dance/gymnastics this spring, but she doesn't want to go to school. Her first day is going to be a tear fest for sure. Whether it will be from anger or sadness, we'll have to wait and see. She also doesn't want to go to summer camp with her brother this summer. She was upset the last 2 years when she wasn't able to go. Her brother will help her along, but she doesn't want to get older! Like everything else, she'll outgrow this physically and emotionally. We're all getting older, whether we like it or not.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Off To The Dentist

Tori got her hair cut last night and is getting a filling and cap this morning. Her uncle Dale took her, and she was looking forward to it. She loves going to the doctor, even for shots. Ollie, ont he other hand, hates it. Anyway, she should be wonderfully happy this afternoon when we pick her up. She loves one-on-one attention!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dolls Galore

Tori woke up sick on Christmas morning and went back to bed after looking through her stocking. When she finally got up, she opened a mass of dolls for her dollhouse and her room. She got seven or eight dolls in all, plus some Barbies. The best gifts, however, came with Grandma Marie, the car for her dollhouse and a Christmas globe. She and Eli love to push the button on the globe and dance around to the music! Tori also got a cradle handmade by her Grandpa for her many dolls. What a lucky girl!