Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Please

We took the kids to Target on Sunday and rewarded them for being so good all weekend long with the yard sale, festival, etc/ Tori took an instant liking to this wedding Barbie ensemble, complete with Kent he groom and two bridesmaids. She just had to have it, and we relented. She disliked the wedding dress--too fluffy, so that came off and jeans and shirt went on. Then she played with the four for a long time. When I went in this morning to get her up, I found Ken in the window sill and the girls on the floor under her bed. I guess she had some fun with them before she fell asleep!

Anyway, she got a very nice toy, which meant her brother got a very nice toy, which he played with all day. The best toy, however, was the cheapest--Eli's singamabob. I caught all three playing with that doll.

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