Friday, January 10, 2014

Emma & Katie

Tori has no sisters sadly, but she does have two American Girl dolls, which she has now decided are Emma and Katie. Emma is the older one of the two with bangs and blue-green eyes. Katie is younger with silky straight hair and brown eyes. They do resemble sisters and Tori, too.

Along with Katie, Tori got many other things for Christmas. She is stocked with Monster High dolls and took a suitcase of those to the sitter’s. She also has enough mini LaLaLoopsies to choke a cow and enough of the larger ones to fill a trunk. Walk into Tori’s room, and you are in doll world for sure.

Tori’s teacher got married over break, and we are all now trying to call her Mrs. Turner instead of Ms. Roach. Her principal is still on leave, and an interim has stepped in. Her name is Mrs. Cushing, and apparently, she is very nice. Other than that, not much is going on. Tori still does not know what she wants to do this summer, but she did try roller skating over break and she was catching on to it. Christian, meanwhile, learned how to do it in school and is a whiz at it.