Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shy GlobeTrotter Fan

Tori wasn't sure what to make of going to the Globetrotter's game.  Like Christian, she didn't know much about them either.  She liked the show, but her favorite part was half-time when local dancers came out and did flips, hula-hoops and tumbling.  When I asked her after we got home if she wanted to take a class to learn how to do that, she said no.  She's just as shy as her brother.

This was demonstrated the most during the game.  Flight Time came and wanted to sit by her.  At first she didn't scoot over and he almost sat on her, but I pulled her over in time so he could sit between her and the kid next to her (seen here - Best viewed as an image download).  Flight Time asked her name, she didn't answer, so I told him as Tori leaned farther away from him.  A few seconds later he asked if she could help him!  Tori could be part of the show!  What kid wouldn't want that?  Tori is that kid.  She said no, so Flight Time moved on down the aisle to another girl.  After Flight Time and the girls segment was over, I asked Tori if she wished she had done it and she still said no.  She could've skipped with them, gotten a ball and had them spin the basketball on her finger.  The little girl also ended up in the paper, but none of that mattered to Tori.  She was happy not participating.  

Like her brother Tori talked about the game for 2 days.  They talked the Before Care's supervisor's ears off.  It seems like it was a good experience all around and next time, I'm sure they'll enjoy it more.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Improving In So Many Ways

Tori is the Student of the Week this week. We found out before break, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. What is surprising is her vast improvement in skills. Her handwriting has improved tremendously, and she is catching on to her spelling words much faster. She is reading better, too, and she is now doing a lot of her homework on her own. By the time second grade rolls around, she should be much more self-sufficient as far as homework goes.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Tori's Best Gift

Tori loves all of her gifts, but her favorite seems to be the little purple alarm clock from Santa. Huts set it for her, and lucky for us, Tori uses it. She gets up, turns it off and gets dressed. No more having to wake her up. Unfortunately, we forgot to turn it off the day we got back and it woke her up bright and early on Saturday morning. Poor girl!

On another note, Tori has six dollhouses now, plus some smaller buildings, allowing her to nearly have her own town. We call it Toriville, but she hasn’t taken to that name yet. She’s got all kinds of dolls and critters residing in her town with furniture and cars of all types. The LaLaLoopseys are mixed in with the dolls, turtles, raccoons, etc. It’s pretty crazy and often turns into a huge mess—which she detests cleaning up. Huts and I have a great time sorting and putting things away.