Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Short Summer

Since Tori's party, we've been busy with a few trips and more house work.  4th of July weekend we made a long trip to see many family members Tori's great Aunt and Great Uncle, Tori's Great Grandparents and Grandparents.  Tori stayed with her Grandparents for a week and had lots of fun.  She started that week off with watching the fireworks on the 4th of July.  Tori, Eli and her cousins enjoyed them.  While we went back home with Christian, she and Eli stayed the week.  They went swimming at 3 different places, went to World's of Fun, out to eat, on a boat ride and a few other activities.  They met us in St. Louis for the trip back home and we spent the day at the zoo.  That night we went to Dave and Buster's for video game madness!  Tori ended up with a stuffed Monkey with her tickets.  Finally she headed home on Sunday.

We found a present on her head when we got home...LICE!  Luckily the boys didn't get it because their hair is too short.  Tresa has been taking care of it.  Tori is getting to the point where she doesn't want anyone to see her naked anymore.  So, I'm out of a lot of situations by default.  She still gets embarrassed by her parents kissing and Eli running around the house naked.  He thinks it is funny, so her laughing just eggs him on!  The lice are 99% gone and it looks like we won't have to shave her head!  

This past weekend we built a retaining wall in the backyard.  TOri and Christian helped load 100 retaining wall bricks into the wheelbarrow and get them out once I got them down the hill.  They were struggling with the weight of 1, but they did it.  This weekend we are mulching that area and all 3 are helping then.  

Tori has a few plans still for the rest of the summer, but school is coming up quick.  Tonight she's trying Kuk Sool Won begrudgingly.  She's got an overnight party at a hotel with a friend in August and Eli's party too.  We've got a couple days home with them cause their sitter is taking a vacation.  Then school starts the 18th.  Not much time left.