Friday, October 30, 2009

Miss Fit

Tori has been seeing her bed a lot. She has taken to fussing over the least little thing, including throwing huge fits when Eli steps foot into her room. She is getting quite selfish, and that fact lands her on her bed quite often these days/. She sits there until given permission to get up and then vows she won't make a fuss again. That remains to be seen!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Pants, Then Not So Much

We figured Tori would be the one who was upset about not getting to go to Joe's. We were wrong! She was happy as a clam to go eat pizza and see her Aunt and Uncle's. Its been a long time since we've been to Pizza Inn, but Tori missed it so! The only problem with her is that she gets too distracted with everything around her and it takes her hours to eat. I had to keep reminding her to heat her food, so we could get out of there before it was their bed time. She enjoyed the night out and played with her Aunt and Uncle's outside while Christian ate. She had her problems though. She threw a fit when they told her to get out of the street. She threw a 2nd fit when it was time to go home. All of her crying caused Eli to get scared and he screamed at the top of his lungs until we had to yell at Tori to stop crying. She wasn't done with the fits though. After brushing her teeth, she tried to go back into our room to watch her movie. She had closed the door on her way out and attempted just once to open the door. When she didn't get it the first time she screamed bloody murder. Then it carried over to this morning. She brought a small Care Bear and a sun visor to the sitters. She couldn't get the visor to fit the Care bear and I couldn't either. I told her it couldn't be done and the screams came out again. This time she got in trouble. I yanked her out of her care seat, spanked her and sent her to the sitter's door while I got Eli out. She howled all the way to the door, but calmed down by the time we went in the house. She's in for a rude awakening because she's too old to be throwing those kind of fits over nothing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tori sleeps until the last possible moment every morning. I dress her while she sleeps, and then I haul her downstairs into the car. I don't think she says much. Poor girl. Mornings are not her thing. However, this morning, she woke up at 3, wanting to leave, and at 4, wanting to get dressed. Huts and I told her to go back to sleep. Lo and behold at 6, Miss Sleepyhead was back!

Miss Whiny

Tori has entered a new phase of whininess. She starts tearing up at the drop of a hat, mostly when nothing goes her way. We have no idea when this started, but we're hoping ti does not last. In the meantime, she is getting to know her room/bed really well.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Me and the Kids

After very little sleep due to Ollie and Eli, I managed to pull it together and have some fun with Ollie and Tori on Monday. We played dollhouse, ate at Chilis and shopped at the toy store. Then we came home and played for a while before Huts and Eli came home. It was a fun day for the three of us, and we're supposed to do it again soon!