Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let the Holidays Begin

Tori and Ollie had a special night with this dad last night. They went out to eat at a Chinese buffet and went to see the lights. Eli stayed home with me. He hates his car seat and isn't feeling good with his molars coming in. We played, while the others had a great time. They told me all about the food they ate and the lights they saw. More fun is on the way on December 23. Huts has the day off and is taking them to lunch, to see the Chipmunks moves and then to spend their gift cards at Target.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Not Ready

Last night we got to talk to Tori while she was visiting Cassy and Courtney. She's having a great time. She is not one who likes to stay home and she didn't bat an eye when she left. She started crying because she couldn't go with them! She is not a home body. Even with the girls in school and being home alone all day with Melissa, she is having a good time. Most kids would be bored, but not her! The only thing she might miss is her doll house. She doesn't miss us it seems. I asked her last night if she was ready to come home...dead silence.

"Maybe next week?", I asked.

"Yeah, next week", she quickly agreed.

She misses her parents...really she does. Next year she won't be able to take these trips because she'll be in school. Hopefully that'll solve some of her wanderlust. This summer could be her last chance for long trips away from home for awhile. She'll be back home next Friday in time to see the Princess Frog with her Mama and get ready for Christmas. Not much time left before the havoc of Christmas occurs. The kids are ready. We just have some space planning to do for all the new toys from Santa!

Update: Her two weeks turned into one! She missed her Mommy a lot and her Daddy a little. She also missed her dollhouse! You know the important things. I met her and her uncle Frankie in Alton, IL. to pick her up. She was ready to go!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Grandma - Tori Day

Today Tori stayed home with Grandma. They slept until 10 and played dollhouse. They were supposed to go see Darin for awhile later and take the new dog with them. She sat with Grandma all last night and no doubt talked her head off today. Tori loves the one-on-one attention from her grandma until Aunt Melissa arrives, and then that will all be over!