Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tori has been asking for a lot of new toys lately. We didn't really know why because she got toys often enough to placate her. We found out why this past week why she was asking for more toys. Usually the kids take toys to before care to play with in addition to the toys they have there. Apparently Tori's "friends" like them so much that they decide to take them home with them. They tell Tori that they don't get new toys or toys that are that pretty, so they are going to take them home. Once we found this out, Tresa discussed it with Tori and they decided that it would be best not to bring toys to before care for the rest of the school year (about 3 weeks). Tori seemed happy with this arrangement and hasn't asked about taking toys to school since she decided. She seems to be happy about the whole thing and so far her "friends" haven't said anything that we know of. She's such a nice girl that she couldn't say no. We may have to work on that a bit as she gets older, but for a 5 year old, its pretty much expected.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sleeping Pretty

Unlike her brother, Tori LOVES her new bed. She couldn’t wait for us to get it together, and unfortunately for her, we started with Christian’s first. By the time we got it together and everything put away, it was lunchtime. Poor Tori. She so wanted her bed up.

Finally, we got it together, and we started putting things away. Tori was a huge help. She carried in all of her clothes from the family room and put everything where she wanted it under her bed. She loves her new space under her bed and tacked up a blanket not too long after so she could have a real hideout.

There have been no complaints from her about the height, not even when I was helping her get dressed this morning. The beds are a little harder to make, but she is happily doing her best. Whew! One child satisfied.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Field Trip Finally

Tori has been waiting all year to go on a class field trip, and yesterday was the day. She visited a farm and saw lots of animals. She had much to tell us yesterday, and she can’t wait for the next field trip.

On another note, she had lost interest in dancing and is now into MAD. She loves to watch the show with Christian. It keeps them laughing and they always come downstairs with recaps!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Busy Week

Things have been crazy around our house lately. Grandma Vickie is in the hospital—has been since last Wednesday. She is still in ICU so the kids cannot visit her. Tori did tell me to tell Grandma that she loves her. They may transfer her today. If so, the kids and I may be visiting Grandma tomorrow.

In addition to that, we’ve been preparing for our subdivision’s yard sale. We thought it might be this Saturday, but the sign never went up. Then we got a notice in the mail that it was this Saturday, so we have to set up for it. Good thing we have everything priced and moved downstairs.

Uncle Frank is also coming down to see Grandma Vickie, so we have to get ready for that. Tori is hoping he brings his girlfriend’s daughter Destiny. We have grocery shopping to do, and the kids’ rooms are a mess because they are getting new furniture next week and their old furniture is going into the yard sale. Tori and I worked on that this morning, shoving her doll stuff into a laundry basket for the time being.

Busy, busy, busy, and Tori is looking the part. She is very tired, but hopefully she will pep up as soon as she gets to see Grandma and gets her new bed.