Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tori has been asking for a lot of new toys lately. We didn't really know why because she got toys often enough to placate her. We found out why this past week why she was asking for more toys. Usually the kids take toys to before care to play with in addition to the toys they have there. Apparently Tori's "friends" like them so much that they decide to take them home with them. They tell Tori that they don't get new toys or toys that are that pretty, so they are going to take them home. Once we found this out, Tresa discussed it with Tori and they decided that it would be best not to bring toys to before care for the rest of the school year (about 3 weeks). Tori seemed happy with this arrangement and hasn't asked about taking toys to school since she decided. She seems to be happy about the whole thing and so far her "friends" haven't said anything that we know of. She's such a nice girl that she couldn't say no. We may have to work on that a bit as she gets older, but for a 5 year old, its pretty much expected.

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