Saturday, October 05, 2013

LaLa's Still Hot

If you don’t know by now, Tori has been a fan of LaLa Loopsy dolls for a very long time. She has several of the larger dolls, and almost all of the minis. For a while this summer, she wasn’t playing with her LaLas, and we wondered if she was growing out of them. She even gave us some stuff for the yard sale. Now, she is back into them, watching the TV show and asking for five of the larger LaLas for Christmas. She has done her homework on the dolls, and yesterday, she told me that she did not want the My Little Pony dolls. Whew! Glad Santa has not bought any of those.

On another note, we are selling Fannie May candy right now. $12 a box. Thanks to all who have ordered so far. We will ship it to you should you want to order. All proceeds go right back into the school.