Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Off to a Great Start

Surprise! Surprise! Tori missed just one on her spelling test. She got an A and also lost a tooth. Friday was full of excitement, and it just got better from there. Tori’s cousins stopped in for a visit on Saturday and Sunday, and the three of them had a lot of fun. Grandma Marie and Grandpa Steve took them to McDonalds and then to a reunion on Sunday. Tori got a bit sad when it was time for everyone to go, but she recovered in time to add to her LaLaLoopsy collection. She got the Candy Collection on Monday, four minis candy themed. Right now, they are spread out on her bedroom floor preparing to go into the dollhouse. There is one with licorice, one with marshmallows, one with gumdrops and one with bubble gum, Bubble Gum Smack N Pop is her name I believe. Her collection is forever expanding, and I am starting to forget some of the doll names. Too many I suppose.