Thursday, December 21, 2006

2nd Christmas

This will be Tori's second Christmas. Last year she only knew how to chew on the paper. This year she'll run around with it in her hands while we open her gifts for her. For her Christmas we got her:

Tiara (every girl needs a Christmas Tiara)
Rocking chair (so she quits stealing her brothers)
play stove
water toys
Little People airplane

And once again, my memory fails me. Tori has only messed with the presents once, but is more interested in eating the candy canes (with the wrapper on). She also likes the ornaments and lights, but has left the presents alone. She'll still be in the dark this year about Christmas, but she will enjoy it more next year.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quick Pics


Sunday, December 10, 2006


We are all in desperate need of haircuts and are going to get them tonight. Tori's hair is out of control, and I hope she will behave tonight. She needs a cut all over. If only she could get a cut like her hero Dora the Explorer. She loves that character and insists on watching her in the morning and at night. She does a little jig every time we turn on the DVD. I only wish I had noticed this before I went Christmas shopping!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Terrible Toothing Tori

Another tooth is on its way in, we aren't sure which one. She has 3 molars, but it might be a eye tooth. One looks like it is coming through, but its hard to tell with her. They get right to the surface and then a different one pops through. You can definitely tell that she is teething. The past couple of days she's been crabby and had lots of diahrrea. That only happens for her when she is teething. She's also been waking at night after her first set of medicine wears off around 1 am. If she goes back to sleep, it'll only be for 30 minutes before she fusses again, so its best to medicate and give her part of a bottle when she first wakes. Best for our sleep and hers.

Splashing at the Children's Discovery Center

Other than that, she's turned into a Dora the Explorer FREAK! As soon as we get home, its "Doa, Doa, Doa" until we put it on for her. Then when the Nick Jr. frogs come on screen, she gets excited and lets out a yell. After that she is captivated by "Doa" and her adventures, only stopping for bath's. She insists on carrying the DVD case around with her and gets upset if you take it from her. Even when she woke at 4 am this morning and we brought her to our bed to sleep, she sat straight up pointed to the TV and said "Doa". She went back to her own bed because 4 am is too early for her, Dora and our sanity. However, it looks like "Doa" with be with us for awhile. I'm glad Ollie likes the show too.