Saturday, March 19, 2016

Damn Saxamaphone

This spring, the school started up band.  Tori had been waiting to try the flute.  After winter break, they finally got a teacher.  They had a music store come in with instruments for kids to try.  Tori tried the flute, but it wasn't what she thought it was and was harder than it looked.  Since he brought other instruments, she tried the saxophone and loved it.  She practices once a week at school and has learned a couple easy songs so far.

I think she practices at home on occasion (which would be more than I practiced the guitar).  She still seems to like it and looks forward to class every week.  The only part she doesn't like is carrying the sax back and forth to school.  Now I can act like Homer Simpson and tell her to 'put away that damn Saxamaphone!'.