Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nother Bowl

Christian and Eli spent the morning howling. Tori, of course, had to add fuel to the fire. She got up OK, but started sniffling when I gave her oatmeal in a plastic bowl. She demanded a proper bowl. With that, she was happy and excited to go, with Brat dolls in tow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Snakes

I had a weird dream about Huts and his pet snake, which we all know he would never have because he doesn't exactly like snakes. Tori heard me discussing the dream with her brother, and before long, she had a dream about baby snakes. They were cut, but they loved to chase her up and down the stairs and into her bed. The snakes were apparently slimy and left grossness everywhere they went, including across her window. Fortunately, there was a cleaner guy to get rid of all of the mess. The snakes stayed, and the story went on and on and on…

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Tori had to get 3 shots to get ready for school. The first two didn't hurt much and she just got a really sad face, the third stung and she cried a bit because it hurt. She got to pick a sticker, so I tried to cheer her up a bit by acting like I was going to put the sticker with the picture of the dog on it over tinkerbell's face on her shirt. That got a laugh out of her and stopped the crying for a few minutes. She was still sad on the way to the car and cried a bit more when she told her Mommy about it. She got the band-aid's pulled off when she got in the shower and that hurt a bit then too. By bed time she was fine and her arms didn't hurt anymore. Now she is all set for school in the shot department.