Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Meltdown

Huts ran the party in Christian’s classroom this year, while I ran the one in Tori’s. Tori was happy to see me, but wouldn’t you know it, she was the last one to get a cupcake, and there were no more left with pink icing. The tears begin to flow from there, and it took some finagling to get her in a better mood. I had to remind her that she needed to help show her classmates how to make the monkey bookmarks. Eventually, she cheered up and everyone had a good time after that.

Did Tori love the waterpark last weekend? Absolutely! She was the last one out every time. Her poor little eyes were bloodshot from all of the chlorine, but she kept going and going. She also had a great time on the rides, one in particular that took her up high. I thought she was going to try the really scary ride that shifted you high in the air, around and around in circles. She thought about it but backed out at the last minute. Maybe next year.

Next week, Tori is showcasing her Lalaloopsy collection at school for an hour. I typed up a list of the doll names, and this weekend, we are deciding how many she is going to show. She has over 40 minis and 6 regular-sized dolls, not to mention all of the houses, cars, etc. There is a cultural theme this year, and the dolls work for that, as they are of different races and cultures. Wish us luck!