Sunday, June 29, 2014

Midway Through Summer

It’s hard to believe that school starts in about 6 weeks. It has been one busy summer. First was the laminate floor, which took about 3 weeks to fully complete. Then, Christian had an allergic reaction to some shots, Grandma moved out and Tori had a birthday party. Now, Tori and Eli are getting ready for their annual trek to Grandma Tip’s and their weeklong stay at Grandma Marie’s. Christian is done with the weeklong stays and is just coming along for the ride, looking forward to a stop at the Lego store on the way home.

Tori’s party went ok. We had a few injuries, starting with a splinter in a finger, followed by scraped knees, followed by a hurting side. Then, there was the broken nose in a beanbag incident in which no one really knows what happened. Two girls say one thing, and two say another. Thankfully, the little girl is going to be ok and will not need any surgery. Whew! No more beanbags at slumber parties and a lot more rules next time, including a decent bedtime. No more staying up until 4:30 a.m.

As though life has not been busy enough, we also got two new kitties. We were aiming for one, but Christian got suckered in fast. We have Princess Leia and Tater Darth Vader or Tater Tot King (Eli got to pick the middle names). Princess is a gray and white tabby, and Tater is black. They are so rowdy I like to call them Frick and Frack or Seek and Destroy.

The babysitter just got a pool, so our kids are going to get in a lot of swimming this summer. Don’t worry. The youngest kids can touch the bottom, and there will be adult supervision. Good luck to Sharon on keeping her house clean with that many kids in and out of the pool.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Nine years ago today, our one and only daughter was born. She has grown into a lovely little lady with many friends. Tonight we celebrate her birthday with pizza, gifts and a few hours with her friends. She was a sweet, laid back baby, always smiling then and now. She’s our Tori, and we love her and wish her the best birthday ever! Happy Birthday, from Mom and Dad and your stinker brothers! And from the cats as well, including your new little Princess kitty.