Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sleep Walker

Last night after the kids went to bed I heard the pitter-patter of little feet running around upstairs. Most of the time the cats are chasing each other up and down the hall with the kids out of the way. After counting the 4 cats sitting downstairs, I went to investigate the sound. It was a little girl who had gotten out of her bed several times.

By the time I got up there, she was back in her bed crying because she knew she was in trouble. She had woken in the night the previous night and wanted to sleep in our bed. So she thought she could do the same tonight, except we weren't in bed yet. So she kept checking. She didn't figure out that if she climbed into our bed and fell asleep, like Ollie did a few years ago, that we'd probably let her sleep instead of putting her back in her bed. Once she fell asleep, she never woke up during the night. It was just getting her to fall asleep in her own bed in the beginning that was the trick.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It all started around 8 o'clock with Tori throwing a horrid fit. She was clearly tired, so I told her it was time for bed. She kicked and screamed her way up the stairs and then wet her pants. Huts spanked her, and she kicked and screamed some more. I spanked her. She continued wailing until I gave her a small drink. Meanwhile, Eli was fussing. I finally got him asleep and Christian in bed. He had decided to be good. Eli got up at 11 for a bottle. Tori got up at 3:30 to get into bed with Huts. I moved to her room and Eli got up. I gave him a bottle and the morning routine started a little before 5. Guess who fell asleep in the car, Eli and Tori!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Tori Skiing


That's what Tori requested at 1 in the morning. I gave her drink of water, only to return five minutes later to her wanting a bath. I put her in bed with me--Huts was sleeping in Eli's room and she slept ok until about 2. Then she started mumbling and groaning again, but this time, she didn't say why. It was a long, night for the four of us. Christian is the only one who looked rested.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sleepy Girl

Tori is always fast asleep when I get into the car, at least I better say so, or she throws one whopping fit. She loves playing games, and this is one of her favorites. I don't enjoy it per say, but it is certainly better to see her happy little face than to hear her wail. No plans for the weekend, so we'll see how she handles that. Who knows what we will end up doing, especially now that it is going to be cold outside.