Friday, August 31, 2012

Tori easily gets distracted. It does not matter what she is doing at home, she loses focus quickly and you have to rein her back in. Yesterday afternoon, she started telling me a story about school, but after a few minutes, she got lost in the DVD. When she got tired of that, she would return to her story. This pattern continued all the way home, and I really have no idea what the story was about. I lost focus, too, and gave up trying to keep track of who was doing what in the story. Good thing Tori did not quiz at the end of the story!

Fits, Fits and More Fits!

Tori is having a difficult time adjusting to the back-to-school routine. She goes to bed crying and wakes up crying, never wanting to go to bed. She throws fits throughout the evening and early in the morning. This morning, for example, she woke up, found out Christian was already downstairs and broke out bawling. She assumed Christian had the TV on the channel he wanted, when, in fact, Christian was on the iPad and Huts had turned the channel to what Tori wanted. She got into trouble, and the next time something did not go her way, she took it in stride. She wanted to move her booster seat to the middle, couldn’t and said nothing. That girl! I can’t wait for BTS night to see if Tori is avoiding fits in class.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yes Please

Unlike her brother, Tori was gung-ho for her room to be repainted. She wanted pink and purple. I threw some teal in there to make things a little less over the top. So, a teal ceiling dropped onto the wall, blended into purple, blended into pink. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s so girlie, so Tori! And, it works better with all of Tori’s choices. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Tori was looking forward to school. She wanted to see her friends and she was ready to be part of Mrs. Evans’ class. She was talking and skipping up until we got to her line. Then, she froze. I could not get her to get in line. Mrs. Evans saw us and told Tori everything would be ok, but there was no budging her. Finally, we got her into line, and Huts came and gave her a big hug and distracted her with talk of another person she knew. She was fine once she got into the classroom and was happy as a clam when we picked her up.

Then, this morning, Tori has another meltdown at latchkey. She was all excited about being there, but within a few minutes of me signing the sheet, she was weepy. Miss Lynn saw and started trying to distract Miss Tori Bud. I am sure Tori was fine within 10 minutes or so. Christian seemed a little miffed too, but I am sure he will be fine as well.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Tori had another sleepover this weekend with her friend, Shaylee. Shaylee’s mom called me on Friday night to schedule a playdate on Saturday, which turned into a sleepover. The girls drove the cats crazy and stayed up until 1 in the morning. They finally sacked out and got up at 11 on Sunday. Shaylee stayed a couple more hours before her mom picked her up to go school shopping. We were left with a really tired Tori, who was still dragging butt on Tuesday morning. No doubt she will be tired again after Eli’s birthday celebration tonight.