Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Girls Go To Kindergarten

Tori's Kindergarten physical went well, though she wouldn't concentrate during the eye test. She is a growing girl like her brother and grew 3 inches this past year as well. She's about 3' 5" and 40 lbs. and in the 50% in height and weight. She passed all her other tests with flying colors as well. She was a bit upset at her brother for all the butterflies and magnets following him instead of her from the projector. She didn't quite understand how it worked. She was happy to be distracted by the fish tank and all the strange fish in it. She also showed off her counting, hopping ability and knowledge of her address to the doctor. She's definitely ready for school.

There were a few open houses in our neighborhood this weekend, so we went to them just to look. Tori went with us to the first house and she and her Mom went to 2 more. When they came back I went to the 2 they saw and Tori went with me. She was the tour guide in each house. She showed me where the girls room was and the boys room and pointed out where the deck and back yard were. She did a better job than the realtor at showing the house. If we ever move she'll be going to all the house showings with us I suspect. She enjoyed it so much, she may be a realtor someday.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Picture Time

The kids got their pictures taken this weekend, and amazingly, the three of them behaved the pros. There was no fuss on the bathtub or with the new clothes. Tori let me fix her hair and never said a word about it not being "right." We got there early and walked around. Then the fun began, and they smiled and did everything the photographer said, without fuss! Look for pictures in your mailboxes at the end of the month!