Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Come Fly With Me

Tori is now a seasoned flyer.  We took 4 plane trips to Portland and back a few weeks ago and she had a great time.  We got in late and had a hard time getting back to the hotel, so we got to the hotel around 3 am our time.  She got a 2 hour nap on the 2nd flight and loved the in flight music selection.  She wasn't interested in the kung fu panda movie though.  She slept in late and went flower picking with all the girls and had some lunch.  Then back for a quick nap before the rehearsal and dinner.  She had pizza for dinner that night and had fun playing with her cousins and other kids.  We tried breakfast again in the morning at the hotel, but the kids weren't into it, so we walked to BK and had breakfast there.  We also had lunch at Elmers, which wasn't bad, but the kids needed a nap.  Tori and the girls took a decent nap and got ready for the wedding.  They all got to blow bubbles in the procession and were good for the ceremony and pictures.  They had a blast at the reception as you can see below.  We left a little early since we had an early flight and I took Tori and her cousins back to the hotel to get some sleep.  They played for a little bit and watched the cat and the hat and zonked out for the night.  I warned Tori the night before that we were getting up early and she'd have to get up when I woke her.  She got up, but was tired and crying a bit.  Once we got on the flight, she was ok.  Unfortunately, there wasn't any entertainment on the way back, but she still enjoyed the flights and only got a little ancy on the last flight waiting for it to land.  It took a day or so to recover from being exhausted, but she Overall, she had a good time and loved flying.  She can't wait to get on a plane again.