Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miss Talks-A-Lot

Since school has started Tori has become a chatter box. Most of the time its incoherent rambling and singing for her Mama all day long at home. The singing and talking has carried over to the trips she's taken in the last month. She's talked for longer than 5 hour stretches. Doesn't make it a quiet trip.

Recently she has begun to put multiple sentences together. She has gotten excited about going to her Aunt Lucy's wedding. So now she talks about "We go on a trip", "We stay in a hotel", "We are in wedding". These sentences have been repeated in that order several times. She'll have fun in the wedding and she likes her dress. I'm sure she won't stop talking about it until next year. She'll have plenty more to talk about in October as we are heading on another trip. She should be tired of traveling after that, but I wouldn't be surprised if the go-go girl is ready to go soon after.