Saturday, January 31, 2015


It’s funny how different the kids in a family can be. They might look the same and share some of the same interests, but they are their own personalities. We have what I like to call a gradation of children. Christian, the oldest, has brown eyes and brown hair, which is getting darker everyday. All of his talents are up top, in his brain. He catches onto concepts easily, but lacks the physical finesse of his sister. Tori resembles her brother, with lighter honey colored hair and hazel eyes, but learning does not come as easily to her, book learning, that is. Anything physical, like riding a bike or walking the beam, comes much more easily to her than it does Christian. She usually picks it up within a few tries, whereas Christian stumbles. Eli is our youngest child, and while people have called him a mini Christian, he is a good combination of his older siblings. He has bright blue eyes and blonde hair. He seems smart and is very active. He enjoys school and picks up on the mental and physical fairly quickly. We toyed with the idea of having another, and I often wonder if the trend would have continued. Would the fourth child have had even lighter hair and eyes? What would they have easily mastered? Interesting how genes work.