Sunday, December 07, 2014


Tori has had an extremely busy weekend.  She went Christmas dress shopping with Eli and her Mom on Friday and did the bouncing thing at the mall while Christian and I went grocery shopping.  Then on Saturday she had her gymnastics class, a bunch of errands to run, Christian's lego league tournament and a sleep over all rolled into one day.  She was good throughout the day and Gymnastics made her hungry cause she ate her first 6 inch sub instead of a kids meal from Subway.

She was good for the errands and helped Eli mail all the Christmas cards at the post office.  After lunch with Christian and Tresa at the Lego League tournament, Tori and Eli spent the afternoon at Uncle Dale and Aunt Annies.  They had a blast and stayed until 4:30.

Once we got home, Tori jumped in the shower and headed off to her sleepover with her friend Shaylee.  I'm sure they'll have a great time together, stay up real late and Tori will be dragging butt when she comes home after lunch.  All in a very full weekend.