Friday, December 13, 2013

Coasting Along

Things at school are finally coming together for Tori, and she is just zooming along. She has been reading books and taking AR tests, more than I thought. She also knows her spelling words this week. Math is not so easy. But she is coming along in that too. The daily drop-in-the-bucket math sheets have stopped, and that seems to have improved her attitude. She is finally getting into multiplication and division. We are not sure how they are teaching that, so we are just helping however we can. She keeps saying seven rows of five, so they must be teaching them to group the numbers together rather than just memorize the multiplication tables. Interesting the ways they teach math now.

Tori is looking forward to Christmas, and hopefully, the arrival of a new American Girl doll that she intends to name Emily. She already has a doll named Emma. She lives under her loft bed in her own room. She has a bunk bed and is waiting for her sister to come. Here’s hoping Santa has a doll under the tree for Tori on Christmas Day.