Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shy Only For Awhile

Tori had great fun too this Memorial Day weekend. She enjoyed the Magic House, the zoo and most importantly the swimming. She is a fish. She kept insisting that her dad take her to the big pool and let her leap from the side into his arms. Guess she's ready for swimming lessons, which start this Saturday. On Saturday night, we went out to eat with the Ollie and Tori's great-great uncle and aunt. Tori was scared of Peg at first, but warmed up to her eventually and even kissed her good-bye. The two were most interested in watching everyone help Peg get to and from places. They caught on quickly to the life cycle, from a baby's wobbliness to the muscle deterioration, senior's wobbliness, later in life. Ollie also had a zillion questions about Art for his dad. Had we stayed longer, I think they would have talked Art and Peg's ears off.

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