Monday, November 05, 2007

Soo Cute

Tori scrunched up her nose and smiled for the camera big time this weekend. She sat on Dad's lap, on the ladder and under the ladder. She was so much better this time than last. Her reward was Wish Bear (light green). She carried him around for a while but then went back to her fuzzy pink Care Bear that Aunt Annie got her. She loves that bear, and you can tell by how worn it is. She also likes the yellow blanket my aunt Rhonda made her and the stuffed horse and cat Uncle TJ got her. Guess all of those will go into her keepsake box.

After pictures, shopping, food and playtime at home, Tori took a nap and then jumped on Daddy. She climbed on the ottomans and fell into her dad's lap, while Ollie jumped from the second ottoman onto the couch. This lasted for a while, and then it was time to play bowling with the billiards balls. At some point, they also got out the ping pong stuff and hit around a few balls. Two very active children with two tired parents. Nothing unusual about that.

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