Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Monster Burp

Do you see how small this little girl is?

One thing you will notice his her diminutive body and length. She barely fits in the space from my elbow to my hand. The largest part of her is her MONSTER BURPS. She gets a bit of air in her stomach and watch out! These aren't your minor, barely audible baby burps, these shake the entire house! It isn't just occasionally, it is all the time. Every burp is a monstrous roar.

Last night during her one am feeding, she was fussy and wouldn't eat any more. When her mom tried to burp her she let out a belch so loud we started laughing. It could be heard around the house. No wonder she wasn't happy. Her cries are quieter than her burps. She could give Homer Simpson a run for his money at 3 weeks old. If you hear a loud noise around our family, don't blame the adults, blame the newborn.

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