Monday, July 11, 2005

In General

Tori is sleeping very well at night. She only gets up twice a night usually, she's even had a night where she only got up once. That was the exception for now. She is constantly eating and is in the 90th percent in weight and 75th percent in height. Definitely a healthy girl.

She may be on the verge of her first cold at only 3 weeks old. One of the other kids at the sitter's had a cold last week and Ollie may have brought it home to his sister.

Passing the Germs
That wouldn't be a fun experience. Come out of the womb, try to adjust to life outside of it and then be subjected to your first cold. She'll have plenty more, but I was hoping she would at least get past the first month before she got one. They'll pass them back and forth and infect their parents as well. I just hope, she is as agreeable as Ollie is when she has a cold.

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