Thursday, July 07, 2005


Last night was not a good night for anyone. While Tori was being fed Ollie fell out of his bed. As I wrangled with him, Tori wanted to play. She had a different schedule yesterday and it was time to party at 2 am. She was passed back and forth between the two of us a couple of times while the other dealt with Ollie.

I got her last and she ended up sucking on her binky for awhile. Then she got fussy again. She had a burp that wouldn't come out. Around 4 am, the last burp came. She got comfortable on my chest while we sat in the recliner. She fell asleep and was placed back in her bassinet for the remainder of the night. I'm sure they planned this attack in advance. They are really in control aren't they?

The Conspirators

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