Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Usually toddlers have a word explosion, Tori has had a sentence explosion and hasn't stopped talking since! Since about August, she talks non-stop and has gotten a lot better at using complete sentences and indicating what she wants. I got so used to her speech before, this explosion still surprised me with what she can communicate to you.

This has carried over into calling her Brother stupid on several occasions and getting in trouble. I think it also has caused more physical brawls as well. Christian wasn't able to understand everything she said, now that he does, he doesn't like it. I had to break up a pushing match next to the stairs the other night.

Unfortunately, this hasn't curbed Tori's crying over nothing. You tell her 'No' or that she can't do something, even nicely, its like her world has crumbled. I guess this is an important difference between girls and boys. Hopefully she'll grow out of it before kindergarten.

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