Sunday, October 05, 2008


Tori cries about every grievance. This week she decided that she didn't want to go back to the sitter's. She wanted to stay home with her Mama, but her Mama had to go back to work. Tori didn't like that idea, even though Eli would be going with her. On Thursday, she cried when we got to the sitter's house because she wanted to be at home. She sat in the sitter's lap for awhile and played with the other kids once she got over it. This morning she was ready to go to the sitters and didn't cry at all. She adjusts very well to change. Must be that daredevil spirit of hers.

Next up is the battle for the potty. We finally got her on the regular size toilet, but she still doesn't use it regularly. We even tried getting her interested in a Dora toilet seat, because in our house, Dora solves a lot of problems. This time Dora couldn't work her magic. Last week, she mentioned the Dora seat and wanting to sit on it. Guess Dora's magic is just delayed. Hopefully that speeds the process up, changing 2 sets of diapers regularly is not ideal.

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