Saturday, February 22, 2014

Too Many Snow Days

Tori is suffering from school-itis. She has had quite a few days off from school recently because of all of the snow. That, along with the fact that there have been a lot of changes in school personnel and too much time cooped up indoors, has resulted in complacency. Tori isn’t interested in school, and she has been hurrying through everything, creating some messes and redos. Huts and I are trying to get her head back into the game, and the teacher is helping. She came home this week more focused than she has been in some time. She still complains every night about her class talking too much and having to stay indoors, but at least she is reading things and paying attention now. Keep your fingers crossed that there are no further snow days.

Tori may be having a sleepover next weekend. She has been over to Shaylee’s twice now. It is time Shaylee came to our house. Tori tells me. The two love to play with the boys and pull any and everything out of her room. They play with this and that, and make a lot of videos. I am trying to think of something fun for them to do, like the bounce houses or something else. They are getting bigger, so I am not sure what works for them now. Thinking, thinking, thinking!

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