Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sleepover maybe

Tori has good friend, Shaylee, whose sister’s birthday is this weekend.  Her sister is having over four teens, and Shaylee told Tori that she might be able to have her over. Shaylee’s mom usually lets each girl have a friend over on birthday weekends. I will see them all tonight at the PTC meeting at school, so I guess we will find out then if Tori is invited or not. If not, maybe we can find a time for Shaylee to come over to our house. It is our turn to have her over.

Christian is also wanting to have a sleepover with the next door neighbor. He wants Matthew to stay the night at our house. I was hoping to wait for that until it is warmer, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. Guess I better find a good weekend for everyone to come over and have some fun. Maybe they can go sledding in the backyard.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and the kids get to wear red or pink. Tori is ecstatic. She has a pink outfit all picked out and heart earrings. She got her valentines done last weekend, and her dad is going to help out at her party. I spent three hours last night making 48 brownies for her class and for Christian’s.  With any luck, Huts will get to sneak down to Eli’s class and check out things there. The kids are sure to have a good time and come home hyped on sugar!

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