Monday, April 09, 2012

54 Lalaloopsy Dolls

Tori got a lot for Easter, another Monster High doll, plus a ton of mini LalLaLoopsy dolls. She now has every mini LaLa made, minus three holiday editions. The only thing left that she wants it a LaLa blanket for her birthday—Angry Birds blanket envy. Christian got a blanket, and now she wants one.

Tori played with Christian and his friend, Matthew, most of the weekend. She also went to see “Mirror, Mirror.” She colored and hunted eggs as well and helped me toss them into the gully for the raccoons to eat. She practiced more on her bike riding. She has got it down pat, minus the turning and getting herself off. She is working on that now, and you should see her, flying down the parking lot with the wind whipping through her hair and a big smile on her face. Eli ran into her and they crashed, but other than that, she has been doing well!

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