Saturday, March 17, 2012

And She's Off

Unlike her brother, Tori is all excited about learning how to ride a bike. She has practiced considerably more and is about to get there. That’s our Tori girl. She tries, tries and tries again, giving it her all until she finally gets it. For two weeks now, she has been taking an advanced reading test every day in order to catch up and meet her goal. She has four tests this week, and if she meets her goal, we have told her she can have a little something. She is excited and ready to get her tests taken this week. She is also working hard on learning her spelling words. Every week, we practice and practice and practice some more. She is getting better at learning the words quickly. I admire her tenacity. Her kindergarten teachers used to tell us that they never worried about Tori because they knew she was going to get it, and they are right.

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