Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Dollhouse

That was the highlight of Tori’s Easter—a new purple dollhouse to go with her pink one. She had more than enough furniture to stock the two and made some steps out of Legos. The house is small enough for her to carry, and she did—to her room, downstairs, upstairs, etc. She says she is going to put the black family in the new house and the white family in the old house, but last night, she had all kinds of dolls in the houses, along with Eli.

She also got the first-ever boy Lala Loopsy and the Frankie Stein Monster High doll, plus some play jewelry, tiara, etc. Right away the clothes came off Patch the Lala Loopsy doll and went onto another Lala Loopsy. Patch now has on some Builder Bear clothes. Frankie escaped the clothes switcharoo, but not for long I’m sure. Tori was absolutely thrilled with her Easter basket—thank you Easter bunny.

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